Article Marketing For Extra Money – Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Income by Writing Articles

Want to make some extra money? Maybe quite a bit over time? Read on and discover how writing easy ezine articles can help you accomplish your goal.

I got the idea for this article yesterday while talking with one of my coaching clients. She’s retired and on a fixed income. We had been working on something else, but suddenly, I had a light bulb moment.

She’s smart, funny, and very articulate. So I asked her how she would feel about writing articles for money. At first, she was skeptical. After all, “writing for money” sounds like a pipe dream. Like many others, she tried to get published at one point and never had any success. And the idea of actually getting paid for it? Ha!

Well… she had never heard of article marketing before. And I proceeded to fill her in.

Here are three approaches to making money with articles (and of course there are many more, but these three will get you started):

1) Get paid for your articles by the publisher

There are websites that will reddit essay writing service pay you for your articles. Not a whole lot, mind you, but if you would otherwise be sitting in front of your TV, why not type up some articles instead. It can add up. And for my client, who has an income already, it’s perfect — every dollar she makes is a bonus and will make her life easier and more enjoyable. One of the sites that pays for articles is Associated Content.

2) Get paid by promoting products through affiliate marketing

Many articles you see in article directories like have recommendations in their resource boxes. Why not join them. You recommend a product, and if people buy it, you get a cut of the action.

3) Write articles for others and have them pay you for your writing services

Yet another way to make money by writing articles is by writing for others and have them pay you directly. You can promote their products or services more for example. And you can even add extra services including submitting the articles to directories.


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