Fun Television Shows For 2010

We use out television for entertainment, that’s what it was designed for. We suspend belief for an hour or so while we enjoy being entertained. Some believe, however, that TV rots the brain cells with all the violence etc. Some shows, however, still have morals and teach us lessons for life. These are the best of those.

I’m a great fan of Psych; one of the best shows on the US network. Shawn, the lead character, masquerades as a psychic to solve crimes. The thing is, he is just a guy who has a very sharp wit and a very useful photographic memory.

Everyone loves to play detective, and I am one while this show is on. It really gets you thinking and makes great TV.

A favorite show of mine is on ABC and is Super Nanny. This fascinating program deals with the super nanny, Jo Frost, helping parents on both sides of the Atlantic who simply can’t cope with their kids anymore. You can catch re runs on Style every day.

Her main aim is to teach the parents techniques to dealing homeland project free tv with their unruly kids by giving them responsibility and teaching them values. All parents can benefit from the sound advice that Jo dishes out.

I’m not a great fan of makeover programs but the likes of How do I look? fascinate me. These people mustn’t have mirrors in their homes the way they dress. They are shown what to suits them and how to wear it, and become chic and well dresses people.

In a perfect world you would never judge people by how they looked, but our world is anything but perfect. If teaching these people how they should be dressed improved their lives, then I’m all for it!

If you take all three of the CSI’s, Law and Order and NCIS you have a set of programs that never fail to both educate and entertain, I find shows involving the legal system fascinating and these all deliver on that score. Conflicting interests, ethics and many other issues are interwoven into each show to create great television.