History of Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fans

Hunter Douglas ceiling fan company was opened in 1886 in Syracuse, New York. John Hunter and his son James started the business together in which they first began to produced motors that were powered by water. As the business expanded so did their merchandise. They continued to make motors as well as fans that were driven by belts.

The company was able to establish themselves in the lives of https://reelammunition.com/product/subsonic-300-blackout/ consumers due to the quality of products. In 1889 the company grew so much that they moved the company to Fulton, New York where the plant remained for fifty years. Twelve years after the big move John Hunter died and his six sons were forced to take over the company and carry on his legacy.

In an effort to keep the company open and running his sons incorporated the company and focused the majority of production on ceiling fans. The beginning models were designed using natural wood blades with intricate hardware. Each fan was handcrafted and made using the best materials. Because of this consumers turned to them when they needed a ceiling fan and they were able to grow into a worldwide known company. Every year Hunter Douglas would export thousands of models to the Far East and China.

When electricity was discovered the products from Hunter Douglas were some of the first to utilize it. Over the years they expanded on the manufacturing of ceiling fans and built direct exhaust fans, circulating fans, and large pedestal fans. These products were used in family homes and many large hotels and companies.

Throughout the years Hunter Douglas has only grown because they are able to produce the style of ceiling fans that consumers want. Their ceiling fans are produced in different styles and use the latest technology. They have a team of people who have created and patented exclusive technology to make their ceiling fans effective, durable, and quiet.


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