How to Get Started Writing Articles Online for a Profitable Writing Career

If you’re wondering how to get started writing articles, you already know how to write or are wanting to learn. Writing articles online is hugely profitable; you will find that there is plenty of work available, and that opportunities continue to grow because of the growth of the internet. This means that paid writing assignments are in abundance, and you can make a substantial income by writing short pieces of content.

While some people are naturally talented writers, others have to work at it. Maybe you already have the talent but still don’t know how to get started writing articles as a career. Perhaps you’ve heard that there is good money in writing, but you just aren’t sure you have the skills to write. This is a skill that is easy to learn; in fact, if you possess decent spelling and grammar skills, you will find it is really not that difficult.

Here are a few tips that will help you understand how to get started writing articles online.


    • First of all, you will need to learn about keywords and SEO or search engine optimization. Keywords are simply the phrases that people key in when searching for information online. By understanding keywords and how to optimize your articles, you will be ahead of the game.


    • Practice writing a few articles. Most clients will want articles that are easy to read and informative. Write using short sentences. Keep your paragraphs short. Use sub-headings to break up the content. All of these things make your articles easier to read.


    • Review your practice articles for spelling and grammar errors. Read your work out loud. Does it sound right when spoken? Be your own worst critic. Learning from your mistakes is part of becoming a better writer.


  • Start by writing about topics you are reddit essay writing service passionate about or familiar with. It’s easier to begin with familiar subjects so that you can concentrate more on the format of your article than the content. Once you are comfortable with writing 400 to 500 word articles, you can begin to research and write about unfamiliar topics.


Once you feel that your writing skills are up to par you can begin writing articles online for money. Sign up with a few of the content provider sites that outsource their work such as Constant Content. If you’re passionate about a certain topic, send a sample of your work to online magazines. Provide your writing services to individual clients by building a blog or website promoting your talents.

Now that you understand the basics of how to get started writing articles online,