Make a Woman Cum, Step by Step Instructions – Guaranteed to Work

Here are step by step instructions to make a woman cum. It is quite easy when you know how, and of course it is a skill worth knowing!

OK, how to make a woman cum, step by step. First, don’t be in a hurry. Start with a slow relaxing massage. Tell her you enjoy giving massage, and that you are here to please her, and that she doesn’t have to do anything except relax and enjoy it. Have the woman lie on her stomach, and start with her upper back, and use some scented massage oil. If you have more than one kind, ask her to smell them, and use the one she prefers. Maybe she has mentioned it, or if not you can ask her if she has a stiff neck or shoulders or if it she has a knot in her back somewhere. If so, do your best to work out the knot or stiffness. This will be appreciated and it will show you care. Pause to pour a bit of oil on your hands as needed, and when you reach for the oil, always maintain touch on her. Turn your hand palm up while touching her with the back of that hand, while you pour oil into your palm. Remember to always maintain touch. Work your way down her back, and then massage each buttock, one at time with both hands, like you are kneading a big ball of bread dough. Work your way down her thighs, and then down to her calves and feet. Massage her feet, including the balls of her feet, using your knuckles.

Have her roll over, and start working your way up from her feet. When you get to her thighs, massage her upper thighs, and several times download mega888 get very close to her pussy, but do not touch it! Then onto her stomach, using a circular motion on her stomach with both hands. Slide your hands up her sides and when you get near her shoulders, ask her to pull her hair back if it is longer so you don’t get oil in it. From her shoulders, rub down her arms and massage the palms of her hands by rolling your knuckles in each hand. Then up to her shoulders, and then her upper chest. Massage her breasts, in circular motions, both directions, paying attention to her nipples. Pull her nipples a bit, gently.

Then put one hand on her pussy, palm up, and pour some oil into your palm. Put the oil away and part her pussy lips and lube up her clitoris with oil. You should at this point be squatted opposite her midsection. Use different massage motions on her clit… back and forth, up and down, in a circle, and then reverse the circle… while doing this talk to her, asking her if she likes the rubbing up and down, side to side, circular clockwise or circular counter clockwise, and faster or slower, or harder or softer. This is important! She will appreciate that you care enough to want to really please her. It will also make your job easier and more fun!

When you have determined the motion and intensity that is just right, keep doing it, and lean over and suck one of her nipples. (the closest one!) Suck soft and then harder, and then pause and ask her to tell you how hard to suck. Keep rubbing her clit as before.

After a while start rubbing lighter, so light that it might almost seem too light. Listen to her verbal cues, as to whether to keep at it really lightly, or to increase the pressure somewhat. If you increase the pressure, increase it just a bit. When you feel she is getting ready to cum, increase the intensity, but not too much. Keep doing this and keep sucking her nipple till she cums.