New Home? Get a Fresh Start With Air Duct Cleaning

When you are moving into a new home you will likely find that there are plenty of things that you will want to have cleaned before you start moving in your furniture and other belongings. Everything from gutters to ceiling fans get a deep clean before the big move in, but for anyone who has any form of allergy there is one often overlooked place that could help out immensely. Pet dander, dust, mold and tons of other allergens often find themselves stuck in air ducts, only to recycle back into the air whenever the central air or heat is turned on. This can cause massive allergy attacks and ruin some of your first nights in your new home.5 Reasons to Skip Cleaning Air Ducts—and What to Do Instead - Bob Vila

With the realization that air ducts can cause allergy attacks, many wonder exactly what they can do to eliminate the problem before they find themselves on the receiving end of a night of sniffles we click4pdf. While often an attempt is made to turn duct cleaning into a do-it-yourself project, this isn’t the best option for a variety of reasons. For one, if the person doing the cleaning is the one affected by the allergies, simply opening up the ducts can cause a huge reaction that would make doing any cleaning a very difficult prospect. This is on top of the fact that if the person doing the cleaning is not a professional, they could very well damage the ducts, vents and even the walls around them. A duct cleaning professional, however, is specifically trained to keep from damaging anything while also knowing where all the hidden areas are in the air ducts that allergens may be that a novice would not know about.

By hiring a highly trained, skilled professional duct system cleaning company you will be employing someone who can come in before you move anything in, clean out your ducts and make sure that you will have the best quality air possible before you even spend a night inside. This can keep you from having higher medical bills like extra doctor visits and medicines that while may be effective, wouldn’t help much if your air ducts are full of pet dander from the people who lived in your home before you. So before you start bringing in boxes, make sure to hire an air duct cleaning professional to get your homes air supply the best quality it can be.