PSP PlayStation Portable Go – Get All the Facts Before You Buy a PlayStation Portable

PSP PlayStation Portable Go is the most powerful and portable PlayStation to date. It’s also being hailed by many as the best portable gaming device on the market. With it’s small sleek design, flexible interface, and multi-media capabilities, it does have all the markings of a great gaming system. However, there are some valid complaints about the system and things you should know in order to make an informed buying decision. Here is the good, and the bad, about the PSP PlayStation Portable Go.

The Good:

There are a lot of good things that can be said about the PSP Go. Namely, that it lives up to its promise. It’s a complete entertainment system designed for people on the go. The device handles video, music, wireless networking, communication, and, of course, gaming. And it does so superbly. Top notch graphics combine with high fidelity audio to provide users with a quality experience playing next generation, 3D games. The sexy new design is the smallest PlayStation yet. It’s just over half an inch thick when closed, and can easily be stored in your pocket. Weighing only 5.4 ounces, it also feels great in your hands.

The 3.8 LCD screen offers large, vibrant images and works well under many various lighting conditions. The large screen size is due to the innovative design of the PSP Go, which includes convenient slide out controls. The interface is user friendly and offers a stylish yet functional design.

There is also ample built in memory storage on the PSP Go, ps5 for sale near me  along with memory stick micro support for additional future memory needs. Unlike previous PlayStations, the PSP requires no universal media discs (UMD’s) to play any games. Games can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation network along with movies, televisions shows, trailers for new games and more. The network has a large catalogue with hundreds of exciting PlayStation games, and is adding more on a regular basis.

The Bad

The biggest gripe with the PSP Go has to do with the all digital content. Many older users of the system are upset that their old UMD’s are not compatible with the new device. They also complain that the catalogue of games doesn’t include all of PlayStation’s titles. For those new to PlayStation, this obviously won’t be a problem. For those current owners of a PlayStation thinking of purchasing a PSP Go, it really boils down to what you’re looking for. If you want a highly portable, advanced gaming system then the PSP Go fits the bill perfectly. If you want to just play one game, then you may want to check PlayStation’s current list of downloadable titles first, and see if it’s available.

Of course, there are also many PlayStation owners, especially those who are die hard gamers and techno lovers, who keep their old PlayStations and buy the PSP Go as well. This allows them to play games that may not have made it on the downloadable list yet, and still enjoy all the things the PSP Go has to offer.

Final Verdict

With a sleek design, powerful interface, and unparalleled portability, the PSP Go brings gaming to a whole new level. Even though there are complaints about the inability to play UMD’s, the whole gaming industry has been evolving in an all digital direction for a while, and Sony is simply embracing the future. The PSP PlayStation Portable Go offers a vivid immersive gaming experience, an expanding list of quality games and extensive multi media capabilities. It’s delivered on its promise, and is a great system for any gamers on the go.


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