Samsung ML 1210 – A Great Small Business Printer

Finding the right printer for your small business has never been easier, it works well if you have a home office or you are a very busy graduate student working on some big project. The Samsung ML 1210 will tackle whatever you through at it and still produce quality prints. In addition this printer runs reasonably quickly and prints high quality prints using it Samsung CLP 1210 Toner.

It is very efficient and prints the work fairly quickly, and it costs very little to get these high quality prints. You get to quickly add this to your computer system simply as well using an USB cord, and you will quickly be able to print out your project. Each print you make will be top of the line because you have the Samsung CLP 1210 Toner ensuring perfection. samsung 55au7700

One of the best things about the Samsung ML 1210 is its high resolution, at 600 dpi you get phenomenal prints, your pictures and you documents will all be high quality and professional looking every time. The Samsung CLP 1210 Toner allow those prints to be of the best quality and with the sharpest of clarity.

The Samsung ML 1210 has a processor called the “Juniper3, 66 MHz RISC” which lets you print out everything from card stock business cards to professional looking transparencies. You get very quick and very precise prints. Also by using the Samsung CLP 1210 Toner, you also find that your products are top of the line and everyone will marvel at how professional your project looks when you have completed this printing.

If saving money is an issue for you, you will find that the Samsung ML 1210 has that covered as well; this printer uses the Samsung CLP 1210 Toner which will allow you to print high quality prints at about $.024 per print, even if you are printing graphics and images. You will actually save even more if your project is mostly text prints. You save a lot of money when you get the Samsung CLP 1210 Toner.

Yet another valuable thing about the Samsung ML 1210 is the ease of its controls, which help you to have control of your prints and keep your machine running smoothly. The buttons are the power button that allows you to manually turn the machine off, the Cancel/Reprint that lets you end a job or make a reprint of the project, and the Toner Save button which allows you to use less of your Samsung CLP 1210 Toner by making the prints lighter, which is great when you are making drafts of the document so that you don’t use so much ink.

Another thing that you will find useful is the Demo button, this is where you can print a test to ensure the print quality, check up on the amount of pages you used and find out about your print system memory. In addition the Samsung ML 1210’s Demo button when held down will clean itself, this ensure that the Samsung CLP 1210 Toner is working properly.


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