The National Motorists Association Bolsters Activism

The National Motorists Association (NMA) is a grassroots organization that was originally formed in 1982 to combat the 55 mph speed limit that was imposed in the U.S. in the 1980s. The NMA claims that as a result of their efforts, 41 states have raised the speed limits to 65 mph and the total is expected to increase. National Motorists Association is supported by membership dues, donations, and advertising revenue generated by a network of websites.Motorist stock image. Image of motorcyle, crossing, motor - 2257845

The National Motorists Association has been campaigning for driver advocacy and has been advocating for motorists’ rights by challenging what is considered to be unfair traffic laws motorist used car thailand
. Through legal channels unfair traffic laws and state limitations on a motorist’s right to an adequate defence are being fought. There are state chapters all across the country with activists who lobby, monitor, and publicize any critical issues that relate to the rights of motorists..

There are several benefits available to members of the NMA including a quarterly newsletter that contains information on traffic laws, issues for motorists and drivers rights. As part of the Traffic justice program, members of the National Motorists Association, who unsuccessfully contests a traffic ticket in court will be be entitled to have the ticket paid for by the NMA. Members are offered free expert Automotive advice from Motorwatch with information about your vehicle including safety recalls, investigations and relevant news.

Membership in the National Mototorists Association allows access to information on strategies for fighting tickets. The information is accessible in multiple formats including CD, MP3 and eBooks. Some resources also available free to members include connection to several practicing lawyers and an expert on radar and laser technology.

On becoming an NMA member, you can use the key return services, by attaching a small NMA key tag that that directs all lost keys to the Post Office. The Post Office will send the keys to the National Motorists Association who will in turn forward them to the owners.

Many jurisdictions throughout the United States, motorists are often not afforded, the most basic of protections, such as trial by jury or the ability to gather information critical to their defense. This process also known legally as discovery is often critical to many cases involving traffic laws. The goal of the NMA is to act as a broker, and protect the interests of motorists by advocating for rational drunk driving laws. The National Motorists Association Foundation (NMAF) recently issued an email message, warning America’s drivers of the perils of having a bad driving record. While many motorists are still ignorant of the negative effects that points can have on the costs of vehicle insurance the NMAF educates membership on avoiding and even offers methods on eliminating demerits.

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