The Predication Of 3D And LED Backlight Television

After six years of the development, the liquid crystal display market is now close to saturation in many advanced countries, such Japan and America. When the wave of machine replacement is coming to the end, the LCD TV needs more new characteristics to attract the customers to change the machine in advance. Both the LED backlight and 3D technology play important roles in this period of time. It is predicated that the permeability of the LED television is eighteen percent, namely 34 million sets. The cost will also decrease in the next year, which stimulates the demand naturally. It is predicated that the permeability of the LED television will reach forty-three percent, and the quantity will be 94 million sets.

Whether the development of LED delete fashion nova account television will be successful relies on the supply of light guide plate. The capacity of the PMMA is expanding; the yearly growth rate is seventeen percent. The non-PMMA light guide plate has been verified successfully, so the supply will be more adequate than last year. Actually, the unequal distribution is the real problem of the light guide plate. For example, the capacity of the light guide plate is adjusted, because the sales of LED products are not as good as expected recently. The demand of LED will increase in the second quarter of 2011, but the supply can not meet the demand at that time.

The 3D TV is another focal point of this time. It is predicated that the permeability of the 3D television will increase to 8.3% in the next year. The shutter glasses are still the mainstream among the 3D technologies, which takes eighty-one percent of the ratio. The PDP may make a come-back with the popularization of 3D television because of its high update frequency. It will take twenty-eight percent of the 3D shutter glasses. Although the technology is progressing, the 3D television with naked eye is the ultimate purpose. The related integrated circuit is.

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