Tile Cleaning: Keeping Restrooms Clean Equals Keeping Customers

Walking into a restaurant bathroom and seeing complete and best tile cleaners utter chaos does not make your meal look too appetizing does it. If a restaurant can’t keep the bathroom tile clean how clean can they possible keep the kitchen that is cooking the patron’s meals? The same thing goes with retail establishments that leave paper towel hanging over the trashes and toilet paper rolls in disarray. These businesses expect consumers to pay top dollar for clothing and home goods. Businesses need to take into account the way their bathrooms look and make sure they represent the overall atmosphere they want to present to their customers. Keeping a bathroom clean from cleaning the tile to scrubbing the toilets is not that difficult and should be something all business owners account for in their budget. It is imperative to present a clean, organized and sanitized public restroom to provide a consumer with a sense of goodwill. Here are some general tips to keeping public restroom facilities up to consumer par.

1) Repetition: This is the key in keeping order in a restroom. Business owners need to have staff members scheduled at least every hour to check things like paper towels, toilet paper, soap and general cleanliness. They should address any issue that makes the area look unkempt.

2) Natural Products: Using overly scented products leaves an unpleasant odor to restrooms. Products that contain a neutral smell will be more pleasing to the majority of consumers and will not interfere with smells that exist already in your business. This is especially true in a restaurant setting. Borax: Leave in a toilet bowel overnight and stains and germs can easily be wiped away. Car Wax: Helps remove deposits of soap grime in tubs sinks. Vinegar and Water: Used together are the best tile cleaners ever. If you want tile cleaning to be quick and effective mix a gallon of water with a cup of vinegar. Mop the solution on the floor and you will have sanitized tile that sparkles. Hydrogen Peroxide and Water: Together this combination eliminates mold growth.

3) Use an Exhaust Fan: Exhaust fans circulate air and keep the bathroom area free of moisture build up. This is important to keep allergens, such as mold, from forming.

4) Empty Trashes: It is important to make sure bathroom trashes are emptied twice a day. Make sure employees know that if the trash is full before the two hours is up they are responsible for emptying it.

5) Windex Mirrors: Mirrors are the number one thing that draws women into the restroom. Make sure that consumers can actually see themselves in yours. Mirrors should be cleaned at every other restroom check. Every two hours should be sufficient unless a lot of traffic has come through.

As you can see there isn’t much to keeping a restroom neat and tidy for your customers. Really all of these steps can be done in a matter of minutes each day. Clean tiles, toilets and mirrors can really help to retain customers and keep goodwill for your company. Something this simple can either bring a customer back or make them run for the hills. Make sure your company is doing what it needs to do to hold on to valuable customers.