Tired of Playing StarCraft? Try This StarCraft Like RTS Game

Hey everyone! I’m back to promote my favorite game ever, League of Legends, a very StarCraft like RTS game! Now let me tell you, I have played StarCraft. I have played a lot of StarCraft. In fact when StarCraft 2 came out I managed to reach #180 on the US ladder. However I grew bored with it and started to search for other games to play. It was hard to find a game that could compare with StarCraft 2 until I stumbled on League of Legends. League of Legends brings the same strategic gameplay that I loved in StarCraft 2 but also includes far more teamwork and fast paced action!

If you have not already heard about League of Legends let me give you a little background. It is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game based around a team of 5 champions. At the start of each match players each choose a champion (there are 80+ champions to choose from) and Rts TV on apkonlinestore then work together to push through the enemy team’s defenses and kill their base.

Each champion has a unique set of abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps one of the things I find most refreshing is how well the game is balanced. The producers, Riot, make changes weekly to ensure that all champions are viable and naturally this leads to a wide range of characters being used in game.

League of Legends, being the StarCraft like RTS game that it is also has the same “easy to get started hard to master” idea that Blizzard used behind their StarCraft franchise. This makes LoL an extremely fun game straight from the get go, that only gets funner with time. Plus with a new champion being released every 3-4 weeks there is no chance of the game getting stale.

So sound like it could be a pretty fun game? Well guess what? It is totally 100% free! That’s right, it will cost you absolutely nothing to play League of Legends. It is not some trial version either, you get the whole game, with access to everything that affects gameplay for free. So why not try it? There is no harm in it. I personally have found LoL to be the funnest StarCraft like RTS games I have played. Every single friend that I have pointed towards it has also loved it, so I highly recommend you download it and give it a shot.