Treat Anxiety – Summary

How to Treat Anxiety?

Yes it is possible to cure anxiety!

There are many ways to treat anxiety successfully.

Medication such as diazepam (Valium) only provides very short-term relief and is very addictive, both physically and psychologically. If you want to beat your anxiety long-term you need to work at being a calm person. To do this you need to find ways to relax, to slow down, to learn to control and Get Xanax Online change your anxious thoughts.

There are many ways of relaxing such as deep muscle relaxation, yoga, focusing on breathing, meditation, using cue-controlled relaxation. There are articles about the many ways of relaxing on the internet.

Psychological treatments such as cognitive therapy (CT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) Buy Xanax Online involve working on anxiety provoking thoughts and replacing them with thoughts that are calming. CT and CBT are both effective ways of curing anxiety, but they require a lot of work and are generally best taught by a clinical psychologist.

Deep muscle relaxation is a great way of attaining a relaxed state. It involves tensing and then relaxing the muscles of the body in a systematic way, often starting with the feet and moving up to the head.

Mindfulness involves living in the moment, not for the moment. It involves paying close attention to yourself (usually breathing pattern), thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. It can also involve focusing on the sounds around you. It is a proven treatment for depression and anxiety.

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