What Is Your T-Shirt Design Idea?

Ordering custom printed t-shirts has never been easier with the help of the internet. Most the top printers give customers the ability to design their own using specialty software on their websites. A guest can choose the shirt, the text, the design, and the quantity. Prices are generally much lower than they are at traditional brick and mortar print shops.

How do they do it? It really is quite simple. E-stores are cheaper to run that regular retail establishments. Owners don’t have to pay for rent, a large staff, or for security. All they really need is access to the internet, a reliable shipping company, and printing equipment and materials. The money they save on rent and staff can be passed on to the consumer.

T-shirt Design Idea

When shoppers order from online printers, they often buy in bulk. Since it is much cheaper to print more custom shirts and ship them after the design is finalized, they generally order hundreds of custom garments. Probably the most popular custom jobs are projects for high schools, colleges, and universities.

These jobs may include hundreds, even thousands of shirts and the t-shirt design idea is often quite simple. Graduation t-shirts are probably the most popular custom job for online printers, but colleges are even more sought after. A printing job that involves custom t-shirts or sweatshirts for thousands of undergraduates can be quite lucrative. Let us take a best dad hats moment to review a few other popular design ideas.


Members of exclusive groups or clubs often like to identify themselves as such. There is a certain amount of pride that comes with belonging to a club, group, or team. Perhaps that is why custom t-shirts are so popular with high school and college students. Members of the marching band, cheerleaders, and athletes order custom t-shirts and garments. Coaches often purchase custom clothing and give them as gifts to commemorate a winning season or a state title. Of course, class shirts will always be the most popular because they appeal to everyone in the class.

What to Look For?

Most online sellers offer two different printing methods: screen printing and digital printing. Both produce high-quality custom garments, though digital printing is generally more expensive because it offers more options. Not surprisingly, screen printing is more popular, since it is not only cheaper, but also versatile enough to reproduce basic designs.

The average t-shirt design idea is uncomplicated. It generally includes a simple design and some text. For example, a custom t-shirt for a graduating high school class might read “Congratulations Class of 2011.” It may also include the school logo. A project like that could easily and affordably be handled with simple screen printing.